Eighth Grade Commencement, 1928

For our final look, for this year, at graduations past, here is the program from the eighth grade commencement exercises in 1928, eighty years ago this month.  (Calvin Coolidge was President.)  A transcription follows the image.

Sunday, March 14, 2004 (170) B1

                           Commencement Exercises

                                   EIGHTH GRADE

                           Bradley School Auditorium

                  Wednesday, May 16, 1928, 8:00 P. M.

Onward Christian Soldiers                        All

Invocation                                            Bro. Holland

Commencement Song                              Class

Salutatory                                             Nancy Virginia Stewart

Class History                                          Ray Olive

Class Color                                             Willie Stampley

Class Motto                                            Morgan Hamner

Piano Solo                                              Mildred Christie

Class Poet                                              Ethel Miller

Class Grumbler                                        Dixie Hamiter

Piano Solo                                              Anna Marie Collins

Class Prophecy                                       Gladys Stewart

Class Will                                               Lindsay Brock

Valedictory                                             Mildred Christie

Presentation of Diplomas                           Mr. Lee Measeles   

– – – – – – – – – –

The previous evening in 1928 saw a commencement exercise for the “Department of Primary and Intermediate Grades.”  A transcription again follows the image.

Sunday, March 14, 2004 (170) B2

                      Bradley High School Auditorium

                           Commencement Program

                                 Department of

                    Primary and Intermediate Grades

                    Tuesday Evening, May 15, 1928

                                     8:00 P. M.

Reading                                              Edna Frances Vaughan

Violin Solo                                           Nanette Snead

Reading                                              Dot Cochran

Spring’s Flower Garden                          Primary Pupils

Flower Drill and Dance                           Fourth Grade Girls

Violin Solo                                           Malvin Christie

Mother Goose’s Trouble                          Primary Pupils

Reading                                               Mable Christie

Reading                                               Malvin Christie


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