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Block 10, Through The Decades

The post on this site of 12/27/07 took a look at the ownership of the various lots in Block 9 of the original Town of Bradley.  That is the block on which is located the Bradley City Hall, Fire Department and R. B.’s Car Wash & Mini-Storage.

We will now take a similar look at Block 10 of the original Town of Bradley. This is the block which is on the left (south) as one crosses the railroad tracks westbound on Fourth St./Highway 160.  Bradley Ag Supply, Inc., is located in the northeast corner of this block, and Coker Hardware is located in the northwest corner.  Just to the west of Bradley Ag Supply, Inc., is Kevin’s Kitchen, in the building which formerly housed Middlebrooks Grocery and, before that, J. M. Drake General Merchandise. 

The following diagram illustrates the current (2008) assessments-ownership of the various lots in Block 10.  Lots 1 through 6, which front Pullman St., are 50 ft. wide and 140 ft. deep. Lots 7 through 18, which front Pilot St. and the railroad right-of-way, are 25 ft. wide and 140 ft. deep.

Block 10, 2008-1

6 Marvin McCalman, Jr.                 7 (East) Bradley Ag Supply, Inc.

                                                   (West) Kevin J. Harris

                                                8 (East Bradley Ag Supply, Inc.

                                                   (West) Kevin J. Harris

5 Marvin McCalman, Jr.                 9 (East) Bradley Ag Supply, Inc.

                                                   (West) Kevin J. Harris

                                               10 (East Bradley Ag Supply, Inc.

                                                    (West) Kevin J. Harris

4 Marvin McCalman, Jr.                 11 (East) Bradley Ag Supply, Inc.

                                                    (West) Kevin J. Harris

                                                12 Dorothy H. Burns

 3 Larry Denham                           13 Dorothy H. Burns

                                                14 (East) Dorothy H. Burns

                                                     (West) Andrew & Rosie Couch

2 Melinda Warren                          15 (East) Dorothy H. Burns

                                                      (West) Andrew & Rosie Couch

                                                 16 Melinda Warren

1 Melinda Warren                          17 Melinda Warren

                                                 18 Melinda Warren

Block 10, being slightly further away from the railroad depot than Block 9, was not quite as important in Bradley’s commercial development as Block 9. Lots 7 through 18 in both blocks were similarly developed, and both blocks shared similar development along the land which abutted Fourth St./Highway 160.  However, the southwest corner of Block 10, i.e., Lots 1, 2, and 3, furthest from the depot, was not as consistently the site of businesses over the years as were Lots 4, 5, and 6 of Block 9, correspondingly furthest from the depot in that block.

– – – – –

Below are the assessments for Block 10 in 1906, which was the first year that land in Bradley was assessed by lots and blocks, instead of by metes and bounds, after the Town of Bradley was incorporated in 1905.

Block 10, 1906-1

6 Reubin Meredith                          7 Rob’t Morgan

                                                  8 D. O. Simmons

5 J. P. Garner                                9 Haley Smith

                                                 10 Brock & Smith

4 Southwestern Improvement Assn.  11 Brock & Smith

                                                 12 Masonic Lodge

3 Southwestern Improvement Assn.  13 Masonic Lodge

                                                 14 Haley Smith

2 Southwestern Improvement Assn.  15 W. J. Chandler

                                                  16 B. T. Philyaw

1 Southwestern Improvement Assn.  17 B. T. Philyaw

                                                  18 B. T. Philyaw

J. P. Garner (Lot 5) was the person who was listed first as one of the petitioners to the Lafayette County Court for incorporation of the Town of Bradley in 1905.

The Southwestern Improvement Association was an arm of the St. Louis Southwestern Railway Co., created for the purpose of developing the railroad’s right-of-way and land adjacent to it.  Much of what we know as Bradley today was once owned by the Southwestern Improvement Association.

– – – – –

The 1910 assessments for Block 10 are shown below:

Block 10, 1910-1

6 Rubin Meredith                             7 Susie Burns

                                                   8 Susie Burns

5 J. H. Hamiter                               9 Haley Smith

                                                  10 Brock & Smith

4 J. H. Hamiter                              11 Brock & Smith

                                                  12 Masonic Lodge

3 J. H. Hamiter                              13 Masonic Lodge

                                                  14 Haley Smith

2 J. H. Hamiter                              15 W. J. Chandler

                                                  16 Joe Allen

1 J. H. Hamiter                              17 R. O. McCalman

                                                  18 Jno. W. Barker

– – – – –

Shown below are the assessments in Block 10 for 1920:

Block 10, 1920-1

6 Ruben Meredith                             7 P. M. Allen

                                                    8 Warren Drug Store

5 Mrs. Lula Smith                             9 J. J. Allen

                                                   10 G. B. LeCroy

4 Mrs. Lula Smith                            11 Joe Allen, Sr.

                                                   12 Masonic Lodge

3 Mrs. Lula Smith                            13 Masonic Lodge

                                                   14 S. S. Simmons

2 Mrs. Lula Smith                            15 P. M. Allen

                                                   16 Joe Allen, Sr.

1 Mrs. Lula Smith                            17 C. H. Barham

                                                   18 J. W. Barker

– – – – –

Shown below are the assessments in Block 10 for 1930.  They are notable for the first appearance on the by-decade list of the person to whom the southeast corner of Block 10, i.e., Lot 18, was assessed.

Block 10, 1930-1

6 M. M. Hamner                              7 J. B. & P. D. Burton

                                                   8 F. P. Allen

5 M. M. Hamner                              9 P. M. Allen

                                                  10 J. W. Corley

4 M. M. Hamner                             11 Hamner-Edwards Co.

                                                  12 Masonic Lodge

3 Bank of Bradley                           13 Masonic Lodge

                                                  14 S. S. Simmons

2 Bank of Bradley                           15 Mrs. Lingenfillow [sp?]

                                                  16 Joe Allen

1 Bank of Bradley                           17 Bank of Bradley

                                                  18 Homer Enyart

– – – – –

Shown below are the assessments in Block 10 for 1940:

Block 10, 1940-1

6 M. M. Hamner                               7 J. B. & P. D. Burton

                                                    8 F. P. Adams

5 M. M. Hamner                               9 Mrs. M. R. Meek

                                                  10 T. S. Reynolds

4 M. M. Hamner                              11 Hamner-Edwards

                                                  12 Masonic Lodge

3 Estate of Miss Alice Smith              13 Masonic Lodge

                                                  14 Mrs. Allen Lemay

2 Estate of Miss Alice Smith              15 Mrs. Nellie Lingenfillow

                                                   16 Homer Enyart

1 Estate of Miss Alice Smith              17 Homer Enyart

                                                   18 Homer Enyart

The 10/15/07 post on this site shows the 1938 fire which engulfed the electric and ice plant on Lot 18, which Homer Enyart had built about 1925 or 1926.  To the right of the fire in that photograph can be seen a small building and then a two-story building.  According to Glynn McCalman’s Bradley Connections: “North of the ice plant was a two story boarding house/restaurant operated by Nellie Lingenfelter ( [born] c1860), a widow, and a native of Indiana.”

– – – – –

The 1950 assessments for Block 10 are shown below:

Block 10, 1950-1

6 M. M. Hamner                              7 J. B. & P. D. Burton

                                                   8 J. B. & P. D. Burton

5 M. M. Hamner                              9 Mrs. M. R. Meek

                                                  10 (West) T. S. Reynolds

                                                      (East) W. H. Gray

4 M. M. Hamner                             11 Hamner Merc. Co.

                                                  12 Masonic Lodge

3 Mamie & Allen Smith                     13 Masonic Lodge

                                                   (W.50 ft) Edna Frances Knight

                                                  14 Homer E. Enyart

2 Mamie & Allen Smith                     15 Martha Ann Enyart

                                                  16 Homer E. Enyart

1 Mamie & Allen Smith                     17 Homer E. Enyart

                                                  18 Homer E. Enyart

– – – – –

Shown below are the assessments in Block 10 for 1960.

Block 10, 1960-1

6 M. M. Hamner                              7 J. B. & P. D. Burton

                                                   8 J. B. & P. D. Burton

5 M. M. Hamner                              9 Mrs. M. R. Meek

                                                  10 (West) T. H. Reynolds

                                                      (East) W. H. Gray

4 M. M. Hamner                              11 Hamner Merc. Co.

                                                   12 Masonic Lodge

3 W. O. Weems                              13 Masonic Lodge

                                                    (W. 50 ft) Valma C. Vaughan

                                                   14 Homer E. Enyart

2 W. O. Weems                              15 Martha Ann Enyart

                                                   16 Homer E. Enyart

1 W. O. Weems                              17 Homer E. Enyart

                                                   18 Homer E. Enyart

Mackinaw, Arkansas

In 1994, a statewide newspaper ran a picture which bore an inscription of “Town Site of Mackinaw, Arkansas.”  The picture showed a large group of people gathering around a single structure which was apparently intended to be a house.  The newspaper had no idea where Mackinaw was and asked readers for help.

The short answer to that inquiry is that Mackinaw is located mostly just west and north of where Arkansas State Highway 29 crosses the Louisiana state line.

The picture in the newspaper prompted Frank M. Cochran, Jr., to write the following:


Mackinaw was a land lottery scheme that took place sometime between 1914 and 1916.  The chances were sold in Indiana.  Each entrant was promised a parcel of land.  The size of these ranged from a city lot to a full section (one mile square).  Of course, most got one of the many city lots which were worthless.  A town called Mackinaw was platted and was filed in the Lewisville courthouse.  The town was located in Section 10, Township 20 South, Range 25 West.  The entire promotion covered ten sections, plus or minus one or two.  This land is located mostly west of the Cotton Belt Railroad and is bordered on the South by the Arkansas-Louisiana state line.

The plots were mostly divided into 2, 5, 10, and 20–acre blocks.  There were a few larger with the grand prize being a full section.

Mr. J. G. Allen, Jr., a native of Indiana who was living near Bradley, was hired by the promoters to oversee the clearing of some of the streets and to build three houses.  This was done during a winter when he was not busy on the Red River bottoms farm owned by his father, an attorney who lived in Washington, Indiana.  When the day of the drawing came, he supervised the feeding of the visitors.

A special train ran from Indiana to Mackinaw and brought a number of people in several carloads.  The booze flowed freely.  When the train stopped in Bradley, 5 miles to the north, several of the locals jumped into the baggage car and each grabbed a gallon jug of whiskey.  My father [Frank M. Cochran, Sr.] worked in a store [Holland Hardware Co., see post of 10/8/07] less than a block from the train station and saw this happen.  Mr. Allen’s daughter, Mrs. Marjorie Bishop of Bradley, said Mr. Allen told her that he thought that the people got so drunk that most didn’t care what size piece of land they drew in the lottery.

An oil well was drilled and “salted” with oil to make the people think that they would get oil checks.  During the 1980’s oil was discovered along the south edge of Mackinaw and there were some good wells.  This was at a depth of 6,000 to 12,000 feet, much deeper than the original well.

During the Great Depression, most of the plots of land reverted to the State for unpaid real property taxes.  At that time, State-owned land could be bought for $1 per acre.  When the Land Commissioner began to sell it, some people are said to have given a little extra and got more than the ones first in line.  Very little of the land is still in the hands of the original owners.  The ones who held on to it have largely sold it to the large timber companies or local dealers in such land. 

I am 73 years old and have lived in Bradley since birth.  I can remember seeing one or more of the Mackinaw houses still standing after Highway 29 was graveled in 1929.  It crossed the railroad just about 200 yards from those houses.  The houses soon disappeared, either by burning or by being torn down for the lumber in them.  I do not know if any were ever occupied.

The picture [in the newspaper] must have been made on the day that the special train was here for the drawing.  I do not think that there would ever have been that many people there at any other time.

[end of piece by Frank M. Cochran, Jr.]

– – – – –

Below is a photo of the plat of Mackinaw on file in the Lafayette County Circuit Clerk’s Office.  Notwithstanding the fact that it is located in a low, poorly drained, remote rural area, it has a Byzantine complexity worthy of downtown New York City.  The Cotton Belt Railroad is the slanted line on the right side of the photo.



Block 9, through the decades

The real property records in the various offices of the Lafayette County Courthouse are an historical resource that is often neglected.  Those records, of course, go back to the very founding of both Bradley and Lafayette County itself.

What follows is the first of several posts, over a period of probably several months, that will show ownership of lots located in some of the various blocks which comprised the original plat of the Town of Bradley.  Each post will begin with a rough diagram of the buildings and landmarks in each block as of 2007 or 2008.  Next will follow a plat showing the persons or firms assessed for tax purposes (and, therefore, ownership) in 1906, the first year in which the land occupied by the original Town of Bradley was assessed for tax purposes by lots, instead of as pieces of sections (square miles).  After that will follow a plat showing the assessments in the first year of each new decade from 1910 to 1960.

The original Town of Bradley was laid out with 300–ft. square blocks.  All lots are 50 feet wide and 140 feet long, except those lots which front the railroad, which are the same length, but only 25 feet wide.  So, in the diagrams of Block 9 below, lots 1 through 6 are 50 x 140, and lots 7 though 18 are 25 x 140, because they front the railroad.  Streets in the original Town of Bradley are 60 feet wide, and alleys are 20 feet wide.  The diagrams of Block 9 below purposely omit the alley from the middle of each block in order to provide a little more space to list the owners of each lot.  I.e., lots 1 through 6 do not actually abut lots 7 through 18, because there is a 20–ft. wide alley in between which is purposely not shown in the diagram.

Block 9 is the first block one encounters on the right (north side) when crossing the railroad on Highway 160 (Fourth St.) westbound.  The site of the railroad depot in each of the following diagrams was just to the left of the bottom of the rectangle marked “RAILROAD.”


The approximate location of some of the buildings and landmarks in Block 9 as of today are shown in this diagram:

 Block 9, 2007 B

 6                                                    7  Vickie’s Beauty Shop

                                                               (old Lodge Hall)

                                                       8  Vickie’s Beauty Shop

                                                                (old Lodge Hall)

5  Bradley Fire Dept.                   9


4  Bradley Fire Dept                     11


3  Bradley City Hall                      13


2                                                      15 RB’s Car Wash & Mini-Storage

                                                        16 RB’s Car Wash * Mini-Storage

1                                                      17 RB’s Car Wash &  Mini-Storage

                                                        18 RB’s Car Wash & Mini-Storage


The 1906 assessments for this block show who owned each lot at the time the City of Bradley was incorporated.  Lots 9, 10, and 11 show the location of the Lee Bros.-Holland Hdwe. building, which was the subject of the October 8, 2007, post on this site.  The lots fronting the railroad (7 through 18) were designed to be the commercial hub of Bradley and most, if not all, of those lots at this time were probably occupied by stores or other commercial entities or ventures of one type or another. 


6  Rosetta Leonard                       7   T. T. McGee

                                                         8   E. H. Randle

5  G. M. & R. R. Lee                      9   G. M. & R. R. Lee

                                                       10  G. M. & R. R. Lee

4  G. M. & R. R. Lee                     11  G. M. & R. R. Lee

                                                       12  G. W. Reynolds

3  Southwestern Improvement        13  Pierce Adams

     Association                               14  W. C. Bradley

2  S. G. Gray                                 15  L. W. Ham

                                                        16  E. H. Randle

1   S. G. Gray /                            17 Hamiter Bros.

     E. P. Thruston                        18 Hamiter Bros.



The 1910 assessments, only four years later, show few changes in the assessments.


6   Haley Smith                          7   T. T. McGee

                                                     8   E. H. Randle

5  G. M. & R. R. Lee                  9  G. M. & R. R. Lee

                                                   10 G. M. & R. R. Lee

4  G. M. & R. R. Lee                11 G. M. & R. R. Lee

                                                  12  G. W. Reynolds

3  State of Arkansas               13  Pierce Adams

                                                  14  J. B. & D. Bradley

2  S. G. Gray, Caroline Gray   15  L. W. Ham

                                                  16  E. H. Randle

1  S. G. Gray, Caroline Gray    17 H. A. McCants

                                                  18  H. A. McCants


By 1920, the Bank of Bradley had appeared on the assessment list (Lot 16).


6  Cross & Allen                          7   T. T. McGee

                                                       8   E. H. Randle

5  Hollland Hdw. Co.                    9   Holland Hdw. Co.

                                                      10  Holland Hdw. Co. 

4  Holland Hdw. Co.                    11  Holland Hdw. Co.

                                                      12  G. W. Reynolds

3  J. B. Burton                             13  F. P. Adams

                                                      14  J. B. & P. D. Burton /

                                                            State of Arkansas

2  S. G. Gray /                             15  Mrs. L. W. Ham

       W. P. Baker

                                                      16  Bank of Bradley

1  S. G. Gray /                             17  J. B. & P. D. Burton

        W. P. Baker

                                                      18  J. B. & P. D. Burton


The 1930 assessments:


 6  J. T. Cross                            7   T. T. McGee

                                                    8   Lenona Allen

5  R. M. Holland                        9   R. M. Holland

                                                   10  R. M. Holland

4  R. M. Holland                       11  R. M. Holland

                                                   12  G. W. Reynolds

3  J. B. & P. D. Burton             13  F. P. Adams

                                                   14  J. B. & P. D. Burton

2  W. P. Baker                          15  Cora E. Pearce

                                                   16  Bank of Bradley

1  W. P. Baker                          17  J. B. & P. D. Burton

                                                  18  J. B. & P. D. Burton


The 1940 assessments: 


6  Frank Cochran                         7   J. T. Cross

                                                       8   Marie Herring

5  R. M. Holland                           9   R. M. Holland

                                                      10  R. M. Holland

4  R. M. Holland                          11  R. M. Holland

                                                      12  O’Neal & Crockett

3  J. B. & P. D. Burton                13  R. B. Waller

                                                      14  J. B. & P. D. Burton

2  Mrs. Blanche Baker /            15  Mrs. Cora E. Pearce

      M. M. Hamner

                                                     16  Bank of Bradley

1  Mrs. Blanche Baker/            17 J. B. & P. D. Burton

      M. M. Hamner

                                                    18  J. B.  P. D. Burton


By 1950, the Bank of Bradley had added another lot (15).


6  Frank Cochran                          7   J. T. Cross

                                                        8   Marie Herring

5  J. B. Edwards                            9   J. G. O’Neal Estate

                                                       10  J. G. O’Neal Estate

4  J. B. Edwards                           11   J. G. O’Neal Estate

                                                       12  Mrs. W. M. McKissick /

                                                                Owen Jester

3  J. B. & P. D. Burton                 13  Mrs. W. M. McKissick /

                                                                Owen Jester

                                                      14  J. B. & P. D. Burton

2  M. M. Hamner                        15  Bank of Bradley

                                                      16  Bank of Bradley

1  M. M. Hamner                        17  J. B. & P. D. Burton

                                                      18  J. B. & P. D. Burton


By 1960, the Walnut Hill Lodge appears in the assessments.


6  Frank Cochran                            7   Walnut Hill Lodge #188

                                                          8   Walnut Hill Lodge #188

5  J. B. Edwards                              9   P. D. Burton, Jr.

                                                          10  P. D. Burton, Jr.

4  J. B. Edwards                              11  P. D. Burton, Jr.

                                                          12  Tom Jester

3  M. M. Hamner                            13  Tom Jester

                                                          14  J. B. Burton

2  M. M. Hamner                            15  Bank of Bradley

                                                          16  Bank of Bradley

1  M. M. Hamner                            17  J. B. Burton

                                                         18  J. B. Burton

Assessments from other blocks from the original Town of Bradley will appear in future posts.