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Downtown Christmas Decorations, 2008

(This post is primarily for the benefit of readers of this site who live some distance from Bradley.)

The Bradley Chamber of Commerce has placed its Christmas decorations in the vacant lot between the new City Hall and Fourth St./Highway 160.  For those who haven’t lived in Bradley for many years, this is roughly the same place as the front portion of the old Edwards Department Store.

Below are two photos of those decorations, both taken earlier this week.  The first was taken late in an overcast afternoon and the second was taken after dark, under the light of a full moon.

DSC04348 A

DSC04364 A

Christmas Cantata, 1946

On Sunday, December 22, 1946, the combined choirs of the churches of Bradley joined together for the annual Christmas Cantata, entitled “The Nativity Song.”  Perhaps a bit of historical perspective is in order.  World War II had ended 16 months earlier.  Just two days earlier, on December 20, 1946, the Christmas movie classic It’s A Wonderful Life had premiered at the Globe Theater in New York.

Shown below is the program for that cantata, with a transcription following pages two, three and four.

Cantata 1946 page 1, 250 pixels



Presented by the Combined Choirs of Bradley

at the

Baptist Church

December 22, 1946

7:30 P.M.

Prelude                                             “Silent Night”

                       Miss Hortense Hamiter


Invocation                                  Mr. Frank Cochran

Scripture                                       Miss Janet Allen

Bethlehem’s New-Born King                          Choir

Prepare Ye The Way                                       Choir

Christmas Starlight                                          Choir

                       Mrs. W. H. Baker

Out on The Stillness                            Men’s Chorus

                       Mr. Jimmie Allen

 Cantata 1946 page 3, 250 pixels

The Heavenly Song                                          Choir

God So Loved The World

                         Mrs. J. G. Allen, Jr.

O Holy Night                                              Quartette

Sing O Heavens                                                Choir

Joy Fills Our Hearts                                         Choir

                         Mr. Carol Glynn McCalman

The Quest Of The Wise Men  ———     Men’s Chorus

Hark The Bells of Christmas                                 Choir

Away In A Manger                           Mrs. G. W. Smith

Joy To The World                                                Choir

Peace And Good Will To Men                              Choir

                           Mrs. J. G. Allen, Jr.


Benediction                                       Mr. Leecy Adkins



Director                                                Mrs. J. M. Allen

Accompanist                            Miss Hortense Hamiter


Mrs. J. G. Allen, Jr.

Mrs. W. H. Baker

Miss Grace Cochran

Mrs. Cleo Cochran

Miss Jeanettaline Templeton

Mrs. George Davis

Mrs. G. W. Smith

Miss Faye Smeltzer


Lucy Short

Miss Merna Kennedy

Mrs. Lucille Starling

Mrs. Carl Baker

Miss Sally Allen


Mr. N. H. Taylor

Mr. G. M. Mason


Mr. Carol Glynn McCalman

Mr. Jimmie Allen

Rev. G. W. Smith

Thanksgiving, 1943

In November of 1943, during the midst of World War II, many of Bradley’s sons were in the armed forces, fighting against German and Japanese tyranny.  On Wednesday, November 24, 1943, the day before Thanksgiving, there was a “Thanksgiving Program” at the Bradley Baptist Church.  Below is a copy of that Program.  A transcription follows the image.

Misc items for website 001


Bradley Baptist Church

November 24, 1943

Hymn, No. 2 ——————————————————-———————–Congregation

Devotional ———————————————————————-— Rev. William Smith

Reading —————————————————————————-—– Miss Janet Allen

Institution of, or First Thanksgiving ———————–———-Miss Ray Crabtree

“Come Ye Thankful People” ——–—Trio — Mrs. Dick Bishop, Miss Grace Cochran, Miss Lucille Reynolds


Friends, Neighbors, Loved Ones ——————-—————–—-Miss Grace Cochran

Homes, Country and Food ———————————————–——Miss Vesta Powell

Freedom of Religion ——————————————————–— Mrs. Frank Cochran

For God’s Watchcare Over Our Boys in the Service—————— Mrs. J. McKnight

The Bible, Christ, and the Privelege [sic] of Prayer                           Mrs. Dick Bishop

Season of Prayer and Thanksgiving

Doxology, No. 81 ——————————————————–  Congregation