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Bradley High School Ultimate Reunion, March 27, 2010 (Part 2 of 2)

As mentioned in the last post, approximately 200 people attended the B. H. S. Ultimate Reunion.  Some left before their class had its picture taken and some classes never assembled for pictures at all.  The four classes who did have their pictures taken were the classes of 1960, 1963, 1964, 1965.

Below are each of those four classes, shown first as a group, and then with either two or three closer-up photos.  While I know the names of most of the people in the photos, there are a few whom I cannot presently identify.  Married names of the ladies present posed another problem.  A blank space in the captions below indicates that I cannot identify a particular person, or that lady’s married name.  Any help that readers can provide by leaving a comment as to correct identity or correct spelling of name(s) would be greatly appreciated.

As mentioned in previous posts, each caption refers to the photo or photos under that caption.

The class of 1960 is observing the 50th anniversary of its graduation this year.  Sixteen of the 20 living graduates attended the reunion.  Two others are deceased.  Below are, left-to-right:  Jerry Wilson, Jay Cheney, Mary Harrist Crabtree, Gene Smith, Melba Cox Cheney, Carroll Nations, Judie Williams Carey, Marie Russ, Jerrell Caskey, Charles Lane, Jimmy Thompson, Della Keith ________.





Shown below are some members of the class of 1963.  Left-to-right:  Pat Givens Calhoun, Eddie Adkins Stout, John Dinkins, Donna Vickers Jackson, Buck Williams, Diane Higdon Fletcher, Marvin Cross, Betty Weems Bourg, Doris Taylor Caswell, Joyce Dinkins Caskey.




Shown below are some members of the class of 1964.  Seated, left-to-right:  Ronnie Odom, Averial Redmon.  Standing, left-to-right:  Jimmy Gildon, Carl Pauley, Ronald Jim Byrd, Jerry Clary, Dickie Bishop, Patsy Collier Vines, Henry Maness, Johnny Umphries.




Shown below are some members of the class of 1965.  Left-to-right:  Bill Lee, Linda Nolte Umphries, Wayne Sparks, Linda Kay Bussey Pickler, Margie Duke Odom, Jerry Dyer, Cheryl Cason Taylor, Mitchie Jones (mostly obscured), Charlotte Hinds Brumley, Bruce Lee.




Let’s do this again sometime!

Bradley High School Ultimate Reunion, March 27, 2010 (Part 1 of 2)

An added feature during the Governor Conway Days celebration this year was the Bradley High School Ultimate Reunion, which took place in the fellowship hall of the Bradley Baptist Church beginning at 3:00 P. M. on Saturday, March 27, 2010.  The reunion featured all the classes from 1960 to 1970 and was attended by approximately 200 people.  Each of the classes had a table set up for it, some with memorabilia and old photos.

Below are some of the photos taken that afternoon.  As with previous posts, the caption refers to the photo under the caption.

The Givens brothers, Bill (William) and Oscar, both class of 1967.


The Adkins sisters, Nancy Adkins Kees (‘70) and Eddie Adkins Stout (‘63).


Glenda Knott Givens (‘69), David Byrd (‘67), and LaDonna Collier McLain (‘67).


Mary Harrist Crabtree (‘60) and Marie Russ (‘60).


Sister and brother Betty Jackson Cook (‘66) and Buddy Ray Jackson (‘65).


James Drake (‘62) and Gene Smith (‘60).


Linda Kay Bussey Pickler (‘65) and Patsy Collier Vines (‘64).


Marvin Cross (‘63) and John Dinkins (‘63).


Former Bradley High School faculty member Don McLaurin and his wife, Marion.


Earl Vickers (‘69) and Billy Bynum (‘69).


Cheryl Cason Taylor (‘65) and Patsy Collier Vines (‘64).


Susie Cochran Hargis (‘69), John Bishop (‘69), Vickie Powell Paige (‘69), Clyde Stephens (‘62) and Dolores Maness Grimes (‘69).


Next:  Group photos of some of the members of the classes of 1960, 1963, 1964, and 1965 who attended the reunion. 


Gov. Conway Days, March 27, 2010 (Part 2 of 2)

The Saturday parade was the largest in many years.  For the sake of neutrality, no politicians appear in the following photos, but they were present in abundance.

As with the previous post, all captions refer to the picture under that caption.

Mayor J. C. Williams once again invoked his perogative to drive the first vehicle in the parade.


Numerous law enforcement vehicles followed on crowded 4th Street/Highway 160.


The City of Bradley’s fire trucks were next.  Two of them are shown below.



The Lafayette County elected officials decided on a minimalist theme for this year.


The antique cars followed, two of which can be seen below.



Among the next group of vehicles were representatives of the Cochran Museum and the 7 and 8 softball team.



This piece of Allis-Chalmers farm equipment was rather unique.


And that’s Dickie Bishop on a John Deere tractor.  Sadly, Dickie and his wife, Judy, recently moved from Bradley to the wilds (and grandkids) of north Arkansas.


Several fire departments from the area also sent trucks to the celebration.  Among those were the Northeast Bossier, Plain Dealing, River Bend, Lake Erling and Lewisville Fire Departments.


Many motorcycles and horses also appeared in the parade.



Gov. Conway Days, March 27, 2010 (Part 1 of 2)

Bradley celebrated its 26th annual Governor Conway Days on March 27, 2010.  A beautiful day (for a change) and an election year (meaning politicians everywhere) combined for an excellent crowd and the largest parade in years.

(All captions for the following photos refer to the photo under the caption.)

The local constabulary was present to keep order.


The antique tractor show took place just north of the Post Office.



It was judged by the eagle eyes of Benny Hayes and Dickie Bishop.


The antique car show was set up near the Willis-Knighton Clinic.



The Cochran Museum experienced an excellent crowd.  Among the visitors was the preeminent expert on Bradley history, Glynn McCalman of Mandeville, Louisiana.


Other Museum visitors were brother and sister David Byrd and Diana Byrd Bryant.


Also in the Museum were Larry Burnett and Margaret Spence Cannon.


Jerrell Caskey points to his senior picture in the 1960 Bradley High School Yearbook.


The award-winning contraption in the photo below makes ice cream.


Next:  Parade.

Governor Conway Days, 3/28/09, Part 2 of 2

The last post promised a look at the parade from last Saturday’s Governor Conway Days.

The parade was led by Mayor J. C. Williams:


Considering the cool, windy weather, a good crowd was present:

12-DSC09603 A

The Bradley High School Class of 1964 held its 45th reunion and took part in the parade.  Its trailer was driven by Dickey Bishop, a member of that class.  In the last of the three photos below, the three “young” ladies are Loretta Thompson Rodgers, Linda Lamar Mehrling, and Patsy Collier Vines.  The gentlemen on the far side of the trailer have their heads turned, and are difficult to identify from the photo.

13-DSC09626 A

14-DSC09628 A

15-DSC09633 A

The Plain Dealing, River Bend, and Lewisville Fire Departments had trucks in the parade:

16-DSC09664 A

17-DSC09666 A

18-DSC09677 A

Last, but not least in the parade were the young people on their horses:

19-DSC09686 A

Governor Conway Days, 3-28-09, Part 1 of 2

Bradley celebrated its 24th annual Governor Conway Days on March 28, 2009.  Most of those present will probably remember this as one of, if not the, coldest Governor Conway Days ever.  The temperature never climbed higher than the mid-50’s, and there was a stiff wind all day long.

The morning, and most of the day, was overcast and cold:

01-DSC09542 A

Radio station KRMD and the folks with the great barbecue were back this year:

02-DSC09523 A

03-DSC09518 A

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commissiion’s rolling aquarium attracted many of those present:


05-DSC09571 A

A new attraction this year was an exhibit of antique tractors, some of which are shown below:

06-DSC09579 A

The Cochran Museum had a record number of visitors, probably due at least in part to the visitors’ desire to get inside out of the cold wind:

07-DSC09574 A

Roy Lamar and John Lamar are standing by an old Philco radio which was used by the Lamar family beginning about 1947.

08-DSC09551 A 

Among those who visited the Museum were Kay Dayton Croom, her husband Ed Croom, and Billy  Bynum:

09-DSC09552 A

Kay and Ed reside in Oxford, Mississippi.  Billy is a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the U. S. Air Force.

Four members of the Bradley High School Class of 1969 posed for this photo:

10-DSC09559 A

From left to right, Billy Bynum, John Bishop, Susie Cochran Hargis, and Jan Allen Segrest.  (That’s Richard Drake in the back of the photo, but he’s not part of this class).  Some members of the Class of 1969 met later in the day to plan a 40th class reunion for later in the year.

In the next post, we’ll take a look at Saturday’s parade.

1st & 24th Governor Conways Days, 1986 & 2009

Just a reminder that Bradley will celebrate the 24th annual Governor Conway Days this weekend, March 27 and 28, 2009.

Dickie and Judy Bishop have generously shared with some photos from the first Governor Conway Days on March 29, 1986.  That was the occasion of the dedication of the Conway Cemetery as a state park.  There were several notable speakers on that date, but the most notable by far was then Governor, and future President, Bill Clinton.

Shown in the photo below are Alice Bishop, Governor Bill Clinton, and Bryan Bishop, being held by Dickie Bishop:

090325 Alice Bishop, Clinton 3-29-86

(The astute reader will notice that both Dickie’s and President Clinton’s hair has changed color since then.)

And pictured in the photo below are Governor Bill Clinton, Luther Harris and Sam Gill:


And, finally, here are two photos of Governor Clinton speaking and of part of the audience on that occasion:

090325 Clinton speaking, 3-29-86

090325 Audience 3-29-86

Let’s hope for similarly good weather for the 2009 celebration of Governor Conway Days in Bradley.

Governor Conway Days 2008–Scenes And People

On Saturday, March 29, 2008, Bradley celebrated its annual Governor Conway Days.  Shown below are photos depicting some of the happenings and people who were there.  In contrast to the usual method of describing photos on this site, captions have been placed under the photos.


Radio station KRMD was there Saturday morning.


Joe Middlebrooks models one of the world’s most hideous hats.


One of my favorite parts of Governor Conway Days is the food from the Providence Baptist Church.


The Cochran Museum was open from 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M., except for the parade.


Gene Smith and Lonnie Jernigan.


Dickie Bishop, Linda Lamar Mehrling, and Loretta Thompson Rodgers.  (I hope I spelled Linda’s last name correctly.)


Patsy Vines and LaDonna McClain, the Collier sisters.


It’s a fairly well-kept secret that I was a teacher in the Bradley Public Schools in the school year 1970–71.  One of my pupils was the lady shown with me above, Janet Sanchez.  Janet is the granddaughter of the late Armie Burrell.


The crowd gathers for some music.


The gentleman with the guitar on the right is the multitalented Mr. Obie Sims, lately Bradley’s Chief of Police.  Although his Chiefin’ days are over, he is now the maintenance man at the Bradley Public Schools and is also the girls’ softball coach.


Bradley’s new fire truck had a prominent place in the parade.


The float containing the Bradley High School Class of 1968, a/k/a the “Great of ‘68.”


Two of Bradley’s most esteemed senior citizens, Travis Gore and Roy Rogers.


Susie Cochran Hargis, Jan Allen Segrest, and Brenda Brackman Wayne.