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Governor Conway Days 2008–Scenes And People

On Saturday, March 29, 2008, Bradley celebrated its annual Governor Conway Days.  Shown below are photos depicting some of the happenings and people who were there.  In contrast to the usual method of describing photos on this site, captions have been placed under the photos.


Radio station KRMD was there Saturday morning.


Joe Middlebrooks models one of the world’s most hideous hats.


One of my favorite parts of Governor Conway Days is the food from the Providence Baptist Church.


The Cochran Museum was open from 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M., except for the parade.


Gene Smith and Lonnie Jernigan.


Dickie Bishop, Linda Lamar Mehrling, and Loretta Thompson Rodgers.  (I hope I spelled Linda’s last name correctly.)


Patsy Vines and LaDonna McClain, the Collier sisters.


It’s a fairly well-kept secret that I was a teacher in the Bradley Public Schools in the school year 1970–71.  One of my pupils was the lady shown with me above, Janet Sanchez.  Janet is the granddaughter of the late Armie Burrell.


The crowd gathers for some music.


The gentleman with the guitar on the right is the multitalented Mr. Obie Sims, lately Bradley’s Chief of Police.  Although his Chiefin’ days are over, he is now the maintenance man at the Bradley Public Schools and is also the girls’ softball coach.


Bradley’s new fire truck had a prominent place in the parade.


The float containing the Bradley High School Class of 1968, a/k/a the “Great of ‘68.”


Two of Bradley’s most esteemed senior citizens, Travis Gore and Roy Rogers.


Susie Cochran Hargis, Jan Allen Segrest, and Brenda Brackman Wayne.

Fourth Street, 1910s

Several previous posts have featured photos from Fourth Street (now Highway 160).  The following photo shows a gentleman whose identity is unknown, but who is obviously very well dressed, standing on Fourth Street in the 1910s.  That date is reasonably certain because of the album from which the photo was taken. 


This photo is roughly contemporary with the photo on the header of this site and with the first photo in the 1/30/08 post which shows two people standing at the south entrance to the railroad depot.  The buildings in the background face the railroad, as did most of the early commercial buildings in Bradley.  It is difficult to discern, but there is no structure at all on the half-block behind the building at left, which would be where Coker Hardware is now located, and upon which a row of several buildings was later built and also demolished.

This photo is an almost 180–degree opposite view of Fourth Street from the photo in the post of 2/11/08.  The tinted photo of the kneeling man and his dog in that post was taken about 20 years later than this photo, however.

This photo is obviously, judging by the man’s shadow, taken in the late morning.  Below is a photo taken from approximately the same place and angle in the late morning of March 22, 2008.


Winter Weather, late 1940s

This past Friday’s late-season snowfall sent me looking for old pictures of winter weather.  The earliest color picture I could find is the one below.  It was taken in the middle of Pullman street in front of where the Bradley Post Office is now located.  I’m less certain of the date it was taken than for many of the other pictures on this site, however.  The date of the late 1940s was arrived at by weighing that (1) this is early color slide film, and (2) the date of the vehicles in the photo, one of which is only partially visible, and shows clearly only at great magnification.

The photo:


Below is a photo taken from approximately the same place and angle on the (much prettier) afternoon of March 9, 2008:


Bradley Chamber of Commerce Banquet, 3-1-08

This past Saturday evening, the Bradley Chamber of Commerce held its annual banquet in the Bradley Elementary School Cafeteria, with the usual awards, auctions and fellowship.

State Representative Bruce Maloch conducted two auctions, one of which was the customary auction of this year’s Governor Conway Days T-shirt.  He is shown (hand in air) with Emcee Richard Estes (partially obscured) and Mollye McCalman (holding T-shirt):


The Best Ad For Bradley Award was given to Making Rainbows, a child care organization located in the former home of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Tyler. Mollye McCalman presents the award, below, and to Patti Maness and Eileen Cole of Making Rainbows:


The Community Service Award Award was given to the River Bend Volunteer Fire Department.  Accepting on behalf of the River Bend V. F. D., below, were Jimmie Martin and Roy Tabor:


Shown below is the head chef of the Bradley Chamber of Commerce Banquet and maker of the world’s best rolls, Mrs. Bennie Ester Harris:


Every Chamber of Commerce banquet features door prizes.  The biggest door prize this year was the bunny won by Mrs. Marian Brackman, below:


Tommy Goodwin, editor of the Lafayette County Press, on behalf of the Arkansas Press Association, recognized the family of Gregg and Kishea Koehn as the Lafayette County Farm Family of the Year for 2007.  The Koehn family had another obligation and could not be present.

The annual Governor Conway Days celebration will be observed this year, as always, on the last weekend in March, March 28–29, 2008.