Bradley High School Commencement, 1958

This post continues our look at graduations past.

Exactly fifty years ago this month, the Class of 1958 said its good-byes to Bradley High School.  Below are two images of the program for the Baccalaureate Service and Commencement Exercise for that year.  The outside cover of the program lists the names of the graduates.

Sunday, March 14, 2004 (153) B

Those graduates listed are:  Charles Smith, Richard Smith, Albert Lane, Hollis Maness, James Henry Starling, Wayne Keahey, Charles Bland, Donald Cheney, David Colvin, Sammy Crabtree, Paul Dunn, Merle Gore, Noel Harrist, Marvin McCalman, Larry Tyler, Oran Weems, Annette Weems, Janie Wynn, and Clyde Wayne Jackson.

The inside pages of the program give the details of the two gatherings.

Sunday, March 14, 2004 (154) B

The page on the left side is the:


                       Baccalaureate Service

                 Bradley High School Gymnasium

                Sunday Evening, May 11, 1958

                                  8 P.M.

Processional                                      Mrs. J. M. Allen

“Faith of Our Fathers”                         Audience

Invocation                                        Rev. D. L. McCauley

Announcements                                 E. V. Powell

“Lead on’ Lead On’”                            Choir

Sermon                                            Rev. Gerald Cheney

Benediction                                       Rev. H. H. Hime

Recessional                                       Mrs. J. M. Allen


– – – – – – – – – –

The page on the right side is the:


                       Commencement Exercise

                   Bradley High School Gymnasium

             Monday Evening, May May [sic] 12, 1958

                                      8 P.M.

Processional                                      Mrs. J. M. Allen

Invocation                                        Rev. H. H. Hime

Introduction of Seniors                        Wayne Keahey

“Love Dreams”                                   Bette Barnett

“Graduation Day”                                Oren Weems, Larry Tyler,

                                                       Noel Harrist

“Valcik in D Flat”                                 LaVerne Burks

Class Song                                         Seniors

Presentation of Diplomas and Awards      E. V. Powell

“The Lord’s Prayer”                              James Henry Starling

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