Bradley High School Commencement, 1934

The end of the 2007–2008 school year is fast approaching, so perhaps this is a good time to look at graduation ceremonies from years past.  Shown below is the Bradley High School Commencement program from 1934.  President Franklin D.  Roosevelt had been in office for just over a year and his “New Deal” even made it into the commencement program.  A transcription follows the image.

Sunday, March 14, 2004 (163)B



         Bradley High School,

               May 11, 1934


Processional                                 Mrs. Madison Allen

America                                       Audience

Invocation                                   Rev. B. B. Cox

Solo                                           Mrs. J. G. Allen, Jr.

               “Only A Rose”

Salutatory Address                        Anna Marie Collins

        “A Song To Unsung Heroes”

Class President’s Address                John Coker

      “The New Deal Brings A New Dawn”

Valedictory Address                       Burl Allen

       “An Old, Old Story”

Solo                                            Rev. B. B. Cox

Farewell Address                           T. W. Croxton

Presentation of Diplomas                 F. M. Cochran

Benediction                                  Rev. B. B. Cox

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