Governor Conway Days 2008–Scenes And People

On Saturday, March 29, 2008, Bradley celebrated its annual Governor Conway Days.  Shown below are photos depicting some of the happenings and people who were there.  In contrast to the usual method of describing photos on this site, captions have been placed under the photos.


Radio station KRMD was there Saturday morning.


Joe Middlebrooks models one of the world’s most hideous hats.


One of my favorite parts of Governor Conway Days is the food from the Providence Baptist Church.


The Cochran Museum was open from 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M., except for the parade.


Gene Smith and Lonnie Jernigan.


Dickie Bishop, Linda Lamar Mehrling, and Loretta Thompson Rodgers.  (I hope I spelled Linda’s last name correctly.)


Patsy Vines and LaDonna McClain, the Collier sisters.


It’s a fairly well-kept secret that I was a teacher in the Bradley Public Schools in the school year 1970–71.  One of my pupils was the lady shown with me above, Janet Sanchez.  Janet is the granddaughter of the late Armie Burrell.


The crowd gathers for some music.


The gentleman with the guitar on the right is the multitalented Mr. Obie Sims, lately Bradley’s Chief of Police.  Although his Chiefin’ days are over, he is now the maintenance man at the Bradley Public Schools and is also the girls’ softball coach.


Bradley’s new fire truck had a prominent place in the parade.


The float containing the Bradley High School Class of 1968, a/k/a the “Great of ‘68.”


Two of Bradley’s most esteemed senior citizens, Travis Gore and Roy Rogers.


Susie Cochran Hargis, Jan Allen Segrest, and Brenda Brackman Wayne.

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