Deer Hunting, 1957

Autumn is the time for the primal sport of deer hunting, where men are men, and deer are … well, dead.

The 1957 B. & P. W. scrapbook contains several deer hunting pictures and the following brief narrative:

“Since deer hunting became legal in Lafayette County in 1950, it has attracted hundreds of out of state hunters, [sic] they come from Kansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Texas and many other states.

There are fifteen deer clubs, with a membership of 375 members in Lafayette county, seven of which are within an area of ten to fifteen miles from Bradley.

In 1950, 46 deer were killed.

In 1951, 71.

In 1952, 108.

In 1953, 82.

In 1954, 121.

In 1955, 86.

In 1956, 140, and in 1957, 104 deer were killed in Lafayette County.”

– – –

Below are some of the photos of deer hunting activities which appear in the scrapbook.  The caption accompanying each picture in the scrapbook appears in quotation marks under each picture.

DSC01849 A

“Deer killed by Mr. J. B. Bennifield”

DSC01856 A

“Joe Crain and his Ten Point Buck”

DSC01851 A

“Even the ladies hunt deer in Bradley”

(Does anyone recognize this lady?)

DSC01852 A

“Our Sheriff and his kill.”

This is Sheriff Buck Baker, who continued to serve as Lafayette County Sheriff until his untimely death in 1963.

DSC01858 A

“Scene at the Bradley Deer Club”

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