Civic Organizations, 1957

The 1957 B. & P. W. scrapbook contains a summary of the activities of three of Bradley’s civic organizations at that time, namely the P. T. A., the B. & P. W. Club, and the Rotary Club:


The officers and various committees have worked together year after year to achieve objects of the PTA until now it is a solid, dependable, hard-working organization that is a credit to Bradley.  It has a membership of 242, an increase of 112 members over last year.  This group was one of the 115 membership award winners in Arkansas PTA.

Besides the regular programs, study courses have been held for parents and teachers of the different age groups.  At the meetings Baby-sitters are provided for the children.

The main achievement of the PTA every year is the health program of the school.  A health record of each student in school is kept on file, showing all the information that can be gathered pertaining to the health of each child.

The PTA made a Comic Book survey this year and the Comic Books that were objectionable were removed from the Newstands. 

The PTA Safety Committee has stressed playground safety this year.  The teachers and children have cooperated with the committee to an extent that there is more awareness of the importance of safety, and a number of hazards have been eliminated.

Civil Defense has been stressed in the PTA by having the Civil Defense Co-ordinator from this district speak at one of the regular PTA meetings.  Leaflets on the subject were handed out to members and open discussion was held.

The PTA Lunch Room Committee has emphasized table manners and the importance of a balanced diet by placing colorful posters in the lunchroom, illustrating points needing to be brought out, also the teachers are encouraged to stress diet and manners in the school and to correct students in the lunch-room.

The PTA offered to help plan entertainment for and to chaperone and furnish refreshments for any party the school wishes to sponsor.  The main party of the year was the New Year’s Eve celebration held at the school Gym.  Eighty-eight students were present.

Each year at Commencement exercise, the PTA presents a scholarship award to the Senior who has demonstrated by his grades and other attributes that he has met the qualifications of the PTA Scholarship Award.  This is a cash award of $75.00.

The PTA also presents at Commencement exercises an award to the most outstanding graduate of the year.  This award recognizes the student who might not have made the highest grades in his class, but had other outstanding qualities that merit special attention.  This award is an engraved trophy.

1957 was a very busy year for the P. T. A. Health Committee.  Under its supervision and with the cooperation of the County Health Nurse, 175 children were given the first and second Polio shots in January, February and March.  In April, a pre-school clinic was held and 26 children were given a complete physical examination by a doctor and the nurse; 22 were vaccinated for Small Pox; 8 were given a Tetanus Booster shot and one was given a Polio shot.  A third Polio shot was given to the 175 children.  The entire student body of 365 were given the M. V. test.  288 had good vision and 33 had to have a re-test, which was given in December.  The committee is now following up the re-test.

B. & P. W. CLUB

Bradley’s Business and Professional Women’s Club was organized January 1950 with 18 charter members and now has 34 active members.  The Club participates in all Civic projects in Bradley has won various awards in the State and National Federation for their B&PW work.

Every year at Christmas the club gives a Christmas basket to a needy family.

Each year the club participates in the Mothers March on Polio and a committee from the club served as judges in the Rotarians Christmas Lighting Contest.

The Club’s 1957 main project other than the National Federation’s objectives is sponsoring the Arkansas Power and Light Eighth Annual Achievement Contest.


To the Rotary Club goes much of the credit for the progress made in Bradley for the last 10 years.  Through its efforts, a doctor was brought here but his stay was short, as he was called into the Service.  It is still working on securing another doctor, but, so far, one has not been secured.

The residential street lights were erected under the sponsorship of the Club and, from time [to time], this service is being extended in every direction.  More lights are to be placed in the near future.  Recently, the Club was responsible for raising $100.00 toward the lights already installed.

Each year, this Club sponsors a Christmas program on Main Street the Saturday evening before Christmas.  Carols are sung and Santa arrives to give out candy to the children.  In December, 1957, a Christmas Lighting Contest was promoted by the Club, and prizes were offered to the best arrangement of lights in the residential and business districts.  Much interest was manifested and many pretty light arrangements were seen.

The Club now has a committee making a survey to find out how much interest there is here for bringing in new industry.”

– – – – –

A few notes:

As to the PTA section:  One wonders how many “newstands” there were in Bradley in 1957 from which comic books were censored.

As to the B&PW Club section:  The “Arkansas Power and Light Eighth Annual Achievement Contest” was, of course, the reason for the compilation of the scrapbook itself.

As to the Rotary Club section:  I believe the reference to the doctor who stayed briefly in Bradley before entering the military is to Dr. Rosendale.  If any readers should have other information, please let me know. 

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