There are two questions regarding this site that I am frequently asked, so here are the answers:

1.  “If I make or send a comment, does it automatically appear on the site?”  Answer:  No.  The site uses what is called “comment moderation.”  All comments come to me in the form of an e-mail, and I appreciate the feedback provided by each and every comment.  All non-spam comments do receive an e-mail reply from me.  (I suppose that I should be flattered that the site has received at least a small amount of spam comments.)  Due to space limitations, I have decided that unless a comment adds substantively to the historical aspect being discussed in a post, comments will not be shown on the site.  Also, no comment will be shown without the permission of the person making the comment.

2.  “Are you making any money out of this?”  Answer:  No, absolutely not.  Not a single penny.  For one thing, this site is hosted by wordpress.com, and their terms of service prohibit the display of advertisements on their sites by the persons who maintain the blogs (in this case, me).   However, even if I did attempt to make a profit from the site, it just does not have enough traffic, and it is not likely that, even if every person alive who ever lived in Bradley visited the site, it will ever have enough traffic to generate advertisement-related income.  I’m doing this first, because I enjoy it, and second, because I hope others will enjoy it.  For me, it’s fun.

WordPress.com does reserve the right to place advertisements on their sites which would generate income for wordpress.com, but that also is unlikely because the traffic on this site will not justify their trouble in doing so, either.

I would like to thank each person who has visited the site in the slightly more than 3 months of its existence and all those who have taken the time to send comments.  The site has logged almost 2,000 hits in that time, far more than I ever anticipated.  I can only hope that its visitors enjoy viewing the site as much as I enjoy preparing it.


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