Thanksgiving, 1943

In November of 1943, during the midst of World War II, many of Bradley’s sons were in the armed forces, fighting against German and Japanese tyranny.  On Wednesday, November 24, 1943, the day before Thanksgiving, there was a “Thanksgiving Program” at the Bradley Baptist Church.  Below is a copy of that Program.  A transcription follows the image.

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Bradley Baptist Church

November 24, 1943

Hymn, No. 2 ——————————————————-———————–Congregation

Devotional ———————————————————————-— Rev. William Smith

Reading —————————————————————————-—– Miss Janet Allen

Institution of, or First Thanksgiving ———————–———-Miss Ray Crabtree

“Come Ye Thankful People” ——–—Trio — Mrs. Dick Bishop, Miss Grace Cochran, Miss Lucille Reynolds


Friends, Neighbors, Loved Ones ——————-—————–—-Miss Grace Cochran

Homes, Country and Food ———————————————–——Miss Vesta Powell

Freedom of Religion ——————————————————–— Mrs. Frank Cochran

For God’s Watchcare Over Our Boys in the Service—————— Mrs. J. McKnight

The Bible, Christ, and the Privelege [sic] of Prayer                           Mrs. Dick Bishop

Season of Prayer and Thanksgiving

Doxology, No. 81 ——————————————————–  Congregation

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