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Kizer School, circa 1910, Part 1 of 2

About 1910, the community of Kizer (2 miles south of Bradley) was large enough to have its own school.  The following photos were taken of an item called a school “Souvenir.”  The “Souvenir” is bound in light cardboard and has two folded sheets of paper inside, making a total of four pages.  The “Souvenir” contains a poem, “Opportunity,” the name of a teacher, the pupils and the School Board.  Other than the name of the printing company at the bottom of the poem, the “Souvenir” contains no advertising.  Perhaps this was the early twentieth century, rural southwest Arkansas equivalent of today’s school yearbooks.

The back and front covers:

Family Pictures 1 1-2 blue 034 A

Page 1 contains the poem, “Opportunity”:


Page 2 is blank.  Page 3 contains the list of pupils, many of whom would later become well-known members of the Bradley community:

Family Pictures 1 1-2 blue 036 A

Page 4 is also blank.   Here is an enlarged view of page 3, so the names can be read more easily: