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Railroad Depot

The building of the St. Louis Southwestern Railway from Lewisville to Shreveport in the late 19th century is the reason why Bradley is located where it is.  Stated differently, the railroad was the single most important reason for the “rise” of Bradley, and the “decline” of Walnut Hill.  Here are two photos of the railroad depot, taken about 40 years apart.

The first photo of the depot, judging from the apparel worn by the two people in the photo, and by the photograph album in which it was found, was probably taken sometime in the 1910s.

Sunday, January 18, 2004 (16) C

The “Bradley” sign on the south side of the Depot gives the mileage to four destinations.  The two destinations on the left side of the sign are illegible, even at great magnification.  The two destinations on the right side of the sign are “Ft. Worth 255 mls.” and “Waco 298 mls.”  The identity of the man and woman standing on the step is not known.  A chimney can be seen rising just above the roof line.  This photo is approximately contemporary with the photo on the header of this site.

The second photo of the depot was probably taken in the 1950s, although perhaps it could have been taken a little earlier.

Gray 2-inch 010 C

The presence of the gas meter dates the photo from no earlier than 1941.  The south doors of the depot have been replaced by windows and moved to another wall, probably due to the increase in traffic on Fourth Street/Highway 160 in the intervening 40 years.

Header Image

The image in the header of this website shows the area around the railroad depot.  The date is unknown.  Below is a photo taken from approximately the same place on September 26, 2007.  The concrete base of the water tank is still there today, although it is obscured by weeds in this photo.