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Sophomore Class of Bradley High School, 1940-41

On a sunny day during the 1940–41 school year, the sophomore class of Bradley High School gathered in front of the two-story high school building to have their picture taken.

Unlabeled 1 1-2 blue 020 C

Front row, left to right:  Tom Burchett, Jr., Odis Walker, Bunny Jackson, Jackie Crabtree, Danny Collins, Jesse Daley, Gerald Hollis, Buddy Allen, Howard Bird.  Back row, left to right:  Kathryn Jones (Alegbra II teacher), Laura Jane Cochran, Frances King, Nell Ruth Love, Louise Dodson, Annie Marie Twitty, Betty Jo Pritchard, Alice Louise Lester, Mary McGill, Julia Ann Montgomery, R. W. Knight (sponsor).  Not pictured is another member of the class, Leah Somers.