Old Gymnasium, 1935, Part 2 of 2

Here are a few photos from the interior of the old gym, before it was remodeled into the auditorium it functions as today.

Just off the northwest corner of the playing surface of the old gym were two very important items.  First, the heater (even though the gym seemed perpetually cold and drafty during basketball season), located just in front of the door to the girls’ dressing room:

1959 Yearbook 039-1 B

The above photo was taken from the 1959 yearbook. These unidentified young men appear to be enjoying themselves.

[UPDATE 3/9/09:  I received an e-mail from Bruce Burton regarding the above photo.  Bruce says that Larry Tyler and Wynne Copeland Tyler have identified these four young men as, from left to right, Mike Burton, Freddie Lamar, Clyde Spence, and Mike Sparks.]

Then there was the scoreboard, which would now be quite antiquated, but functioned well enough in its time:

1958 Yearbook 037-1 A

As is apparent from the picture above (taken from the 1958 yearbook) the balconies went all the way back to the west (stage) wall, and the balcony on the north side was almost within reaching distance of the scoreboard.  The clock part of the scoreboard operated like an old-style stopwatch, in reverse, with minute and second hands.

The photo below, taken from the 1957 B. & P. W. scrapbook, shows the floor-level seating on the south side, and was taken on the occasion of a New Year’s Eve dance sponsored by the P. T. A.  The bottom of the south-side balcony can be seen at the top of the photo.

DSC02267 B

The photo below, also taken at that dance, clearly shows the relationship of the stage to the goal at the west end of the playing surface.  It was possible to sit in chairs on the stage and look down at the games.  Also, it was from here that James Drake took the action photo of Ginger Hamner contained in the 2/13/09 post on this site.

DSC02267 D

At the other (east) end of the gym were located the front doors (although usually only the doors on the south side were used) and the stairways on each side up to the balconies.   The photo below, looking toward the northeast corner of the gym, shows the “Rhythm Club,” and is taken from the 1957 B. & P. W. scrapbook.

DSC02234 B

The gentleman in the center of the photo, keeping a watchful eye on these students, is Coach Leo Johnson.

Finally, here is a photo, also taken from the 1957 B. & P. W. Scrapbook on the occasion of the Harvest Festival, which shows a little more clearly the relationship of the east goal to the east wall of the gym.

DSC02264 B

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