Retirement of County Clerk Diane Fletcher, 12-30-08

A month ago today, an event occurred in Lafayette County that cannot allow to pass unremarked upon.  County Clerk Diane Higdon Fletcher, a member of the Bradley High School class of 1963, retired after thirty years of service as Lafayette County Clerk (1979–2008).   A well-attended reception in Diane’s honor was held in the main courtroom of the Lafayette County Courthouse at 4:00 P. M. on December 30, 2008.  All but one of the photos below were taken at that reception.

First, a photo of Diane and her family.  From left to right, daughter Philesha Southern, husband Henry Fletcher, Diane, and son Neal Fletcher:

090130 Diane Fletcher family, 300 pixels

Diane was presented with recognition awards by State Senator Barbara Horn and State Representative Bruce Maloch.

090130 Diane Fletcher with Barbara Horn, 300 pixels

090130 Diane Fletcher with Bruce Maloch, 300 pixels

Diane is shown below with retired Lafayette County Treasurer Lanie Sue Ormand.

090130 Diane Fletcher with Lanie Sue Ormand, 300 pixels 

Of all the people who transacted business in the County Clerk’s office for those 30 years, there were probably very few who realized that Diane was an All-State player on Bradley’s very first basketball state championship team, the Senior Girls of 1961–1962.  Some may remember that the late Bradley School Superintendent E. V. Powell dubbed Diane as “Heavy” Higdon due to her diminutive stature.  Diane, already married to Henry at the time, was the Bradley High School homecoming queen for the school year of 1962–1963, the first year of the then-“new”, now current, gymnasium.

And, finally, Diane says that the photo below, taken from the 1961 Bradley High School Yearbook, is proof positive that she did not always have gray hair.


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