Bradley School Campus, 1957

The 1957 B. & P. W. scrapbook contains many pictures of the campus and activities of the Bradley school, some of which are reproduced here.

Below are two views of the “new” high school building.  The scrapbook states:  “The new Junior-Senior High School building was completed at a cost of around $80,000.00.”

081201 new high school building, front, 300 pixels

081201 new high school building, side, 300 pixels

Below are two pictures of a building that no longer exists.  It is referred to in the scrapbook as the “Music Room.”  Mrs. Sigel Allen gave piano lessons in the east side of this building.  The second photo shows her conducting the Glee Club in this building.

081201 Music room, 300 pixels

081201 Glee Club, 300 pixels

And, finally, below are photos of three items on the elementary school playground at that time.  First is the slide, second are the swings, and third is the merry-go-round.

081201 slide, 300 pixels

081201 swings, 300 pixels

081201 merry-go-round, 300 pixels

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