Roane Township Justice, 1936

While combing through the records in the Lafayette County Clerk’s office, searching for something else, I stumbled across a 1936 report of Roane Township Justice of the Peace J. E. Christie.  It can be found in County Court Record “L,” at page 139.  Mr. Christie reports who he has fined, what the offense was in each case, and how much the fine was.   All of the fines are noted as being collected by W. E. Rich, Constable. A transcript/abstract of the report follows:


On this day the Clerk laid before the [County] Court the J. P. report of J. E. Christie, J. P. of Roane Township, Lafayette County, Arkansas; said report is by the court examined found to be in due form and it appears from said report that said Justice has assessed fines in his court since his last report as follows to-wit:“

D. C. Knott, Larceny, $10

S. E. Rose, Larceny, $15

Clem Burton, Larceny, $15

Joe Curtis, Gambling, $10

Joe Chaney, Gambling, $10

Jim Still, Disturbing peace, $1

Charley Miller, Gambling, $10

Ben Wilson, Gambling, $10

L. G. Grant, Gambling, $10

Bill Colley, Possessing Liquor, $10

Johnnie Manning, Gambling, $10

Joseph Manning, Gambling, $10

Booker T. Dozier, Gambling, $10

Willie Manning, Gambling, $10

Jessie Parish, Operating Gambling House, $100

James Wyrich [sic?], Carrying pistol, dist peace, $61

Ranson Binnens, Gambling, $10

Willie Manning, Gambling, $10

Ben Wilson, Gambling, $10

Bill Gray, Disturbing the peace, $1

Jessie Orange, Disturbing the peace, $1

Shedrick Williams, Larceny, $25

Jessie Cole, Assault with deadly weapon, $22.50

Joe Mealer, Assault & Battery, $10

Matt Johnson, Assault & Battery, $10

“Said Report is by the Court approved and the clerk of this court is hereby ordered and directed to make the proper charges against the collection officers.”

– – – – – – – – – –

It is quite obvious from this report that that the heinous crime of gambling was frequent, bordering on epidemic, in Roane Township in 1936.  It is interesting to note that the fine for assault with a deadly weapon ($22.50) was less than one-fourth the fine for operating a gambling house ($100).

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