An Explanation

Why start a web site devoted to Bradley and the area around it?  It’s just a way to share some information about the small town where I’ve lived almost my entire life.

The plan is to make available some old photos, some information taken from old newspapers, from old diaries, from the Lafayette County Courthouse, and from other sources.  One other source of information will be the items in the Cochran Museum, which is located in the building formerly occupied by Cochran Hardware.

The Cochran-centric nature of much of the material found on this web site will be, for the immediate future, at least, unavoidable.  It is material accumulated over many decades by various members of the Cochran and McKnight families.  Nothing would please me more, however, than to have access to, and permission to show, material owned by others.

One matter that will not be found on this web site is persistent negativity.  There is no attempt at objectivity here.  Bradley, like any small town, is not without its issues, but this is a web site geared toward the good things about Bradley in its past and present.

This web site is in blog form because I’m definitely not an HTML coder and am now too old to learn.  Blog software (WordPress in this instance) is an easy way to avoid having to learn HTML.  Each new post is placed at the top of the front page, and the previous posts are pushed down the page.  Posts which are not on the front page may be accessed through the monthly “Archives” on the right sidebar. 

Posts will be irregular, at best.

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